One Year of Blog Books!

12 November 2019   by tim  business   draft

To infinity and beyond...
To infinity and beyond...

What a year! Twelve months from the first sale and we’ve proven more popular than imagined.

As we glide into our second Christmas season, it’s a good time for a little recap…

A gentle ramp to summer

seen our sales gradually increase in fits and spurts to the point where we’re now a comfortable, sustainable small business.

Technically, the year has been less about feature development but rather spent frantically bug patching and backfilling the fulfilment end of our pipeline as we automate more and more of the process to handle the increasing numbers. It’s a good place to be. There’s still a bit of room to improve the automation but at the moment it only requires a light touch and oversight plus a bunch of customer support by way of email.

New Features

Yes - ok I said less feature development, not none!

More blog hosts - based on the number of requests and the ease of integration, we added support for Tumblr and Wix.

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