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Hi! We’re Tim and Sabrina. We created PixxiBook to print the book of our own travel blog. As a family with three children, we have an ever growing collection of

Step by Step Guide to Printing your Blog Book

Creating a book from your blog can be done in minutes, following these simple steps. But before you get started, you will want to double check that your blog articles

Delivery Times

Our normal, everyday, not-Christmas, expected delivery delays from order date are listed below by country of destination. While almost all of our books are delivered within the noted windows, some

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support Wordpress (including third-party hosts and self-hosted using the distribution), Blogger (sometimes refered to as Blogspot), Squarespace (v7 only, the current version), Wix and Tumblr. Together these

Blog Book Formats

The Medium Portrait Hardcover Book is the mainstay of our production. It is also the only format we currently offer. Approximately A4 at 21cm by 30cm (or 8 by 11.5

Blog Book Pricing

Prices consist of a base cost plus a per-page cost up to a maximum of 300 pages. Take care when comparing prices with other photo book printers. Most sites quote

How to Print a Blogger Blog Book

Do you have blog on Blogger or Blogspot where you have published posts and pictures of your family, travels and life? No doubt you have put great effort and energy

How to Print a Squarespace Blog Book

If you are one of the many happy Squarespace users publishing a blog with pictures of your travels, family and life then you might be interested to know that your

How to Print a Wix Blog Book

You have a beautiful Wix blog site full of stories, photos and memories - wouldn’t it be great to be able to capture all of that content into a physical

How to Print a Wordpress Blog Book

Do you have blog on Wordpress where you have published posts and pictures of your life, family or travels? After you have invested a lot of time and effort into

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When you use our site, as part of the creating and buying process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name and email address. When you

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This website is operated by Bitlific Ltd. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Bitlific Ltd. Bitlific Ltd offers this website, including all information, tools and


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