How to Print a Squarespace Blog Book

If you are one of the many happy Squarespace users publishing a blog with pictures of your travels, family and life then you might be interested to know that your Squarespace blog content could easily be transformed into a real physical book! You have already put great effort and energy into creating your blog, writing content and selecting photos so why not capture all of that content into a beautiful hard copy book that can grace your coffee table or bookshelf forever more? Alternatively, a book can also make a wonderful gift for friends and family.

This could be you with The Book of your Squarespace blog!
This could be you with The Book of your Squarespace blog!

In this article we show how in just a few minutes you can print your own book from your Squarespace blog using PixxiBook. If you prefer to head straight to the action then go directly to PixxiBook, enter your blog URL, and see the results right away. It’s easy as pie, preview is free and there’s no commitment to buy (but once you see the results, there’s no doubt you will want to!). Otherwise, read on for all the nitty gritty details.


Squarespace appears to be a relative newcomer to the blogging scene but has actually been ticking along for many years under different versions. With Squarespace, your blog is always hosted by Squarespace, usually under a subdomain of, a country specific squarespace domain or possibly under a custom domain. Either way, your content is ready for making a book.

Book Printing

Squarespace has a number of themes or templates, inculding custom templates so every site can appear unique. However that does not make it difficult to transform such varied content into a book however Squarespace has at its core a robust Content Management System and it is this well-structured content that will be the underpinnings of your book.

Whether you have a Squarespace travel blog, wedding blog, cooking blog, crafting blog, family blog, expedition blog, club blog, sports blog, (you get the idea), or any other, it already has everything you need to print your own beautiful book.

In our gallery you can find some previews of books made from squarespace blogs, such as this example



Already when you create your blog post you have curated your collection of photos and images, choosing only the best, the most significant. So too your prose is tuned just so. The same content is perfect for a book but the form of a blog and the form of a book are very different. It is a good starting point.

The more structured your blog is, the easier it will be to select which posts you wish to include in your book. PixxiBook allows selection by date, category filter as well as individual post selection.

Your book will have the posts ordered by date, just as they are on your blog. If you wish to adjust the order that the articles are presented, you can correct the published date in the Squarespace editor (under Post settings, then Published on, then set date and time).

Photos and Images

Your book will be printed at a resolution 4 to 8 times that of the average browser display so make sure that your blog contains high resolution variants of all of your photos. Don’t worry about the web presentation, Squarespace will automatically provide lower resolution variants according to the needs of your theme.


Plugins and Passwords

Most blogs will automatically be ready for printing with no effort. Read also about general preparation of your blog for printing.

Make sure your blog is publicly accessible so that anyone can view it without any special permissions or password. From your blog’s Home Menu, head to Settings, then Security & SSL, then Disable Site-Wide Password, and then Save. You can reset it to the previous setting after your book has been printed, if you need to.

All Ready!

In most cases there is nothing to do for your Squarespace blog to be automatically made into a book. Go ahead and create your preview to ensure that everything looks well. If there’s any problems, you can modify your blog and re-run the book maker or contact the PixxiBook team for more help.

Print the Book of your Blog!