Blog Book Pricing

Book Pricing

A4 sized book with credit card, AA battery and pencil for comparison
A4 sized book with credit card, AA battery and pencil for comparison

Prices for our standard Medium Portrait Hardcover Book consist of a base cost plus a per-page cost up to a maximum of 300 pages.

Pages Price (USD) Price (EUR) Price (GBP)
50 $39.00 €32.50 £28.50
100 $60.00 €50.00 £44.00
200 $102.00 €85.00 £75.00
300 $144.00 €120.00 £106.00

In our experience, the average book has about 40 long form posts with photos and comes to around 200 pages. If your posts are photo-heavy, expect a thicker book.

Take care when comparing prices with other photo book printers. Most sites quote prices for tiny books with only 20 or 30 pages. Realistically, most blog books will be between 100 and 300 pages. Even with the beautiful automated layout we provide, we aim to price competitively with ordinary photo book services.

Learn more about our book formats and physical book look and feel.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer flat rate Worldwide Shipping. Check out our super simple pricing table:

Order Value Shipping (USD) Shipping (EUR) Shipping (GBP)
Above $120 / €100 / £90 Free Free Free
Otherwise $7 €6 £5

For more information on shipping times, tracking, customs duty and other fascinating topics, please see our delivery information page.

Taxes and Import Duty

We ship from a number of print facilities around the world including USA, EU, UK, Canada and Australia, choosing the closest to your address to ensure rapid delivery and to minimise any import duty. However outside of these regions it is possible that some import duties and fees may be due, depending on your country and their view towards books.

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