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Beautiful magic design

In minutes, not days!

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The Forever Book

The Forever Book

Preserve your memories in a quality large format hardcover book. Printed in high resolution on sturdy pages, this is a book to last.
                                                             Magic Design

Beautiful Magic Design

Magic pixies apply our Real Book design: clean, modern layout that looks like a book, not like a web page.
In Minutes, Not Days!

In Minutes, Not Days!

Create and preview your blog book in just a few minutes. Admittedly, printing and delivery will take some days.

PixxiBook transforms your blog into a Real Book with ease. You have already put great effort into creating your blog: writing outstanding text and selecting the best photos. Now we can leverage all of that work to create your own blog book with ease. With our streamlined and automated creation process you can create your book in just minutes. You can customise the cover to your own style. The preview will show you exactly how your book will look when printed.

Quick and Easy, Loved by Customers

I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived and I am blown away by the quality of the book. It is much larger and higher quality than I thought it would be. I am so impressed. It was certainly worth the money and I love that it captures our memories in such a lasting way.

—Charlotte C., Canada

The book is great! I came across several companies, but PixxiBook's was by far the easiest to use. The whole process was so easy and painless that I turned around and ordered another book from another blog a couple of weeks later. I can highly recommend PixxiBook and will definitely keep using them.

—Allen S., USA

The books arrived and they look great! The book print quality is top-notch and impressive. Customer service is prompt, polite, and personable. I think my sister will like them very much. She'll be surprised to receive a professionally styled and printed copy of her blog.

—Chris M., USA

When we printed our travel blog book, it exceeded even our own expectations. PixxiBook's Real Book layout is unmatched. We printed copies for ourselves, friends and family. Finally, we opened the service to all, so everyone can print their own blog, be it a travel blog, family blog, cooking blog, genealogy blog, mission blog, or any blog really!

—Tim & Sabrina
Creators of PixxiBook

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