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Hi! We’re Tim and Sabrina. We created PixxiBook to print the book of our own travel blog.

Bloggers in Jodhpur
Bloggers in Jodhpur


As a family with three children, we have an ever growing collection of photos and stories from our adventures together. Recently we were lucky enough to spend a year together visiting all four corners of the globe. En route we wrote a blog together, documenting our progress, surprises and the joy of travel and time together. It served as a diary, a form of communication to people we were far from, and a part of schooling for the boys. When we returned we wanted to preserve this in a book.

Traditionally, we have made photo books both for ourselves and also to share with friends and extended family. As anyone who’s done so will tell you, making a photo book is a time consuming experience. Which is maybe why we only managed to make one every few years! Creating a book with both photos and text can be even more daunting.


Tim, being a fundamentally lazy programmer who avoids tedious work but relishes a challenge, created the first script to automatically transform the photos and text of our blog into a book layout. Sabrina, being detail oriented and (let’s be honest) a perfectionist and true human being, closed the aesthetic loop, iterating until the layout was just-so.

From there, we built the web service, reworked the script to handle other blogs and other blog services, built a cover designer, brought on print partners and printed a boat-load of samples. In the end it turns out building an automated service is much much much more work than just making one book by hand. But it’s also more fun, and the service can help thousands of others create their own books.

To make a book of your own blog, just enter your blog address in the box below!


The face behind the screen. A remarklably good likeness despite the low resolution.
The face behind the screen. A remarklably good likeness despite the low resolution.

Anything else you want to know about us? If so, get in touch at tim@pixxibook.com.

We make an effort to answer all the mail we get, and would love to hear from you, whether it’s with a question, suggestion, correction, or just salutation.

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