How to Print a Wix Blog Book

You have a beautiful Wix blog site full of stories, photos and memories - wouldn’t it be great to be able to capture all of that content into a physical book for yourself or for others?

Now that PixxiBook offers full support for Wix blogs, you can can print your own book from your Wix blog in just minutes. Or if you are more of the TL;DR sort, just go ahead to PixxiBook and enter your blog URL to get started. It does only take a few minutes and you can see a full preview of your book before you buy.


Wix is one of the more popular web site builders and platforms offering ease of use and a modern look and feel. Most Wix sites and blogs are of a commercial or business nature but equally well if you have a Wix travel blog, cooking blog, crafting blog, family blog, wedding blog, boat building blog, (you get the idea), or any other, it already has all the makings of a beautiful book.



Already when you create your blog post you have curated your collection of photos and images, choosing only the best, the most significant. So too your prose is tuned just so. The same content is perfect for a book but the form of a blog and the form of a book are very different. It is a good starting point.

The more structured your blog is, the easier it will be to select which posts you wish to include in your book. PixxiBook allows selection by date, category filter as well as individual post selection.

Your book will have the posts ordered by date, just as they are on your blog. If you wish to adjust the order that the articles are presented, you can correct the published date in the Wix blog post editor.

Photos and Images

Print has a resolution 4 to 8 times higher than the average browser display so make sure that your blog contains high resolution variants of all of your photos. Don’t worry about the web presentation, Wix will automatically provide lower resolution variants according to the needs of your theme.


Plugins and Passwords

Most blogs will automatically be ready for printing with no effort. If you have made alterations to your Wix blog via customisations or sophisticated plugins, we might run into some minor roadbumps.

Read also about general preparation of your blog for printing.

Make sure your blog is publicly accessible so that anyone can view it without any special permissions or password.

All Ready!

In most cases there is nothing to do - your Wix blog can be automatically transformed into a book. You can freely create your preview to ensure that it looks good. If there’s any problems, you can modify your blog posts and refresh your book preview, or contact the PixxiBook team for more help.

Print the Book of your Blog!