Which Blog Hosts Work With PixxiBook

Usually the best way to see if your blog can be printed as a book by PixxiBook is to just try it and see. However, if it’s not working for you and you want to know if it’s a problem with your blog, the address, or our problem then the following tables will help.

Fully Supported:

These are the blog hosts that we expect to support fully. Together they cover about 90% of the blogs out there. If by chance it doesn’t work for your blog that is hosted on one of these systems, then let us know and we will fix it. Usually it is some theme, plugin, or version incompatibility.

Blog Host                             Support Example Blog URL Notes
Wordpress.com full myblog.wordpress.com see Wordpress book guide
Wordpress self hosted full myblog.com see Wordpress book guide
Blogger full myblog.blogspot.com see Blogger book guide
Tumblr full myblog.wixsite.com see Tumblr book guide
Squarespace full squarespace.com/myblog-1 see Squarespace book guide
Wix full myname.wixsite.com/myblog see Wix book guide

Unsupported but mostly working:

Blog Host                             Support Example Blog URL Notes
Polarsteps devel polarsteps.com/myname/1234 in beta
Ghost partial myblog.ghost.com requires full rss feed
Substack devel myname.substack.com/myblog in development
Travelblog partial myblog.travelblog.com misses some photos on large galleries
Travelark devel travelark.com/myname/1 in development

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