A Motivating Blurb

15 Nov 2018   by tim  story

On the difficulties of making a blog book by hand

This is a longer blurb extolling the virtues of hard work and preserving all that hard work that you put into your blog without doing any further hard work beyond clicking some buttons and getting out your credit card.

For example, you just got back from your global gap year where you narcissistically documented every well-worn step and every deep-fried tree cricket. You get back, discover your readership is unmoved but you are fortunate that your writing was really for yourself, not them. You decide to turn it into a bound book, a tangible tree, physical furniture, a momentous memento.

But you shirk, remembering all of that labour lost when you last made a photo book for the grandparents. All of that winnowing and wallowing. But this time you start with an advantage - you have already selected your best photos for publication. What is more, you have some superb prose to go with it. Your blog! That could be a book. It has form, just the wrong form. How hard could it be?

You are soon to find out. It is hard. Luckily a magic band of magic pixies magically appears. They do the hard work for you. Two weeks later your book arrives. You open it. You smile. It pleases you. You are pleased. You are happy. The pixies are happy.


This blurb used to feature on our home page. Turns out it’s a bit too wordy and abstract to grab the attention of passing customers but we think it’s worth preserving. We still feel like that.

Print the Book of your Blog!