Announcing multi-book checkout!

30 July 2020   by tim  web

So many exclaimation marks! We’re so excited about this because it has been so long coming. Now you can order more than one book at a time with our shiny, new, yes-this-was-already-invented-at-the-dawn-of-the-internet, multi-book capable checkout cart.

Vertiginous Volumes*
Vertiginous Volumes*

Buy all of your volumes in one fell swoop! No more redundant refilling of forms! Achieve free-shipping Nirvana!

Aside: Why has it taken so long?

Well, our whole book ordering, building, processing and printing pipeline is built around single-book orders as the basic unit. At the time, it saved us a lot of effort in launching the business and reduced risk. Now we are caught up.

*Photo courtesy of Emily, our multi-volume record holder.

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