First Post

2 May 2018   by tim  web   business

Debut, Genesis

This the first journal entry. More than a test, it is an indicator of things to come. We will use this journal to build the PixxiBook story, trials and tribulations as we proceed from Zero to Hero (presumed).

Born a Zero

There is a fuller explaination our motivations in the About page. Our collection of blog posts by ourselves and our children, while modest, represented an important journal of our experiences. True there are other services that can help transform your blog into a book, however we were not satisfied with any of them, either on stylistic or security grounds or their manual nature.

Finally, we resolved to create scripts to layout our book automatically. When the result proved to be more than acceptable, we moved to wrap it in this web service and PixxiBook was born.

The Road to Hero

Arthurian heroic template
Arthurian heroic template

We think that your blog book should be:

  • Simple. Automate everything!
  • Quick. Remove basic legwork and reduce decision making, even if it limits creative options.
  • Beautiful. Varied and interesting layouts to maximise photos, in contrast to the insipid layouts of other services.
  • Economical. Pricing in line with other services. Layout should optimise use of page space and strike a balance between photo sizes and page count.
  • Secure. No need to share blog passwords or keys.

Already we have a prototype. It can layout books in a single format, single theme. The web client allows a user to select posts, customise the cover, preview the book and pay. Print partners are signed up. Print samples are in the pipeline.

Print the Book of your Blog!