PixxiBook Enters Beta

10 May 2018   by tim  web   beta

βeta βook βaker is βirthed

PixxiBook enters general availability - anyone can create and print their book. Signup is optional, previews are free, books are paid for.

What is Beta?

A product’s Beta stage is its second pre-production release stage. In Beta, a product is considered to be feature complete but may still have some bugs or rough corners. In Beta, a product might be more widely circulated to increase usage and help discover any such bugs.

Reassurances when using the Beta PixxiBook

  • card transactions are handled securely using Stripe
  • all book orders are reviewed manually

Limitations of the Beta PixxiBook

Despite our best efforts, please be aware that during Beta the site is undergoing active development. In addition to bugs you may find that:

  • the site may occasionally be unavailable
  • book previews may be slow to render or not render at all
  • all of your work may be lost
  • orders may take longer than normal
  • book formats may change. Subsequent orders may not be identical.

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