Print Your Instagram Book with PixxiBook

12 Feb 2022   by tim  web   instagram   beta


Instagrammers rejoice! Our industrious Pixxies are happy to announce that we have now enabled support for Instagram books at PixxiBook.

It’s quick and easy: pop in your Instagram link*, check out the insta-preview (haha) and put your Instagram on your coffee table!

Make My Instagram Book

PixxiBook comes at this from the direction of blog books which have a highly structured mix of photos and text in each post. We will apply our Real-Book layout to produce a book with all of your content, post by post, including those witty captions while maintaining the grouping of photos in multiple-image posts!

Why are we doing this when there are already many sites that can make a book from your Instagram? In our experience, those others are really just photobook services that allow you to import your photos from Instagram. There is a real need for a book service that keeps the posts intact with captions.

*Don’t know what your Instagram link is? It’s the address of your Instagram Home page and looks something like this: It’s best to copy it from your browser’s address bar to avoid typos.

Caveat: beta support

We consider this to be beta level support at this point. In plain speak, we consider it to be feature complete but may still have some bugs or rough corners. That said, some customers have already successfully created their Instagram books and we’re printing them!

While we are stabilising support, we are aware that there are still a few shortcomings to be aware of but, with luck, most books should not run into these issues:

  • It’s a bit slower than we would like but still acceptable. We recommend that you constrain the date range to your dates of interest so we don’t waste time processing other posts.
  • We only keep the content on file for 30 days so if you delay before ordering you may need to re-create the book

Any problems, feedback, or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Print the Book of your Blog!