Print Your Tumblr Blog Book with PixxiBook

21 May 2019   by tim  web   tumblr   beta

oh yeah
oh yeah

Our industrious Pixxies are happy to announce that we have now enabled support for Tumblr blogs at PixxiBook. Tumblr bloggers rejoice, and memorialise your tumblr content into your own beautiful blog books just as easily as our Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace and Wix users.

This is a big step for us as traditionally we have been more concerned with long-form content whereas tumblrs (and many other blog users to be honest) tend to work with shorter snippets. We’re still doing one-page-per post so the the prolific risk potentially very large books but the images will be large and glorious (pixels permitting).

No time to wait - give it a go, pop in your tumblr link, check out the instant preview and put your tumblr on your bookshelf!

Caveat: beta support

We consider this to be beta level support at this point. In plain speak, we consider it to be feature complete but may still have some bugs or rough corners. That said, some customers have already successfully created their Tumblr blog books and love them!

While we are stabilising support, we are aware that there are still a few shortcomings to be aware of but, with luck, most blog books should not run into these issues:

  • videos are not included
  • chat posts are not included

Any problems, feedback, or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Print the Book of your Blog!