Wix Blog Books Now Available

29 Jan 2019   by tim  web   wix   beta

Happily, we can announce that we have enabled support for Wix blogs at PixxiBook. Now Wix bloggers can create their own beautiful blog books just as easily as our Wordpress, Blogger and Squarespace users.

Wix is perhaps the fourth or fifth most popular blogging platform and is well know for its ease of use and modern styling, particularly the New version. With such attributes, it is not suprising that Wix is popular amongst travel, family and other bloggers.

We support for both Old and New versions of Wix blogs so there’s no need to stress about which version you are on although some caveats apply (see below). If anything, the New version is better supported so don’t hesitate to upgrade your Wiz blog to the New version if feel the need.

Beta Support

We consider this to be beta level support at this point. That is to say, we consider it to be feature complete but may still have some bugs or rough corners. That said, some customers have already successfully created their Wix blog books.

Known Limitations of Wix Blog Books at Beta

While we are stabilising support, we are aware that there are still a few shortcomings to be aware of but, with luck, most blog books should not run into these issues:

  • Old version blogs may have incorrect captions
  • New version blogs may lose some formatting (bold, italic, etc)

Any problems, feedback, or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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